Hi everyone

It has been a very successful preparation for the start of the season. We have had an excellent turn out from all the young people over the 1o weeks we have been at the indoor nets.

We start outdoor netson the 30th April at Cowley park, commencing at 6:30pm, cost is £3.00 per session.

We have had to raise the cost of match fees to £5 plus a registration fee of £10. We have new kit available at £15 (total) for trousers and shirt.

Below are the forthcoming fixtures;

Wed 04 Jun     18:00           Abberton       Home

Tue 10 Jun      18:00           Braintree       Home

Tue 17 Jun      18:00           Gt Totham    Away

Fri 27 Jun        18:00           Gt Bromley    Away

Wed 02 Jul      18:00           W Bergholt   Home

Fri 11 Jul         18:00           Eight Ash Green      Away

Tue 15 Jul      18:00            Clacton        Home


I will also be attempting to organise some friendlies for the u14 age group, we have about nine or ten young people, if you or your son know of anyone who would be interested then please let me know, I will keep you updated.

We would like to organise some fund raising opportunities for the colts and we would very much like input from the parents

We shall be running 7-11 year olds coaching sessions starting 1st May at 6:30pm, cost is £3 per session

I would gratefully like any help and support in transporting young people to the away matches and help in providing teas for the colt's home games, Please let me know if you can.

Lastly I wil be offering specialist cricket coaching on a saturday morning which can comprise of onee to one, one to two or one to three. The cost is £10 per hour for one to one, or up to three people it's £7.50 per hour per person.

Please contact me to arrange

Bryan Mcmanus 07719124067           This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it